I got twitter-ed

Umm.. yeah.
Recently, I finally gave in and got Twitter.. so follow me if you like. ;)


We is the “noo” me

It’s been awhile since I last posted. So what have I been so busy doing that I ditched my blog for such a long time? Well I’ve been collaborating and working for this start-up company called Noomii for quite some time. It finally publicly “beta” launched on October 1st. Check it out!

So what is Noomii?

“Noomii is website that helps you and a friend achieve your big goals in life. In a system called called Pair Coaching, you life coach your friend and your friend life coaches you. It’s easy, fast, and fun. And the best part is that anyone can be a life coach – with no prior training or experience. Noomii shows you how.”

Anyway, that’s all for now.
All the best!


BCIT Digital Arts Industry Grad Show

Fresh 2007

Fresh2007 is the BCIT Digital Arts Industry Grad Show.

The night will showcase the work of the 2007 graduates of the Design Essentials, Digital Animation and New Media Design and Web Development programs.

The Industry Night will be held at Radical Entertainment at 369 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, B.C., on Thursday, Oct 18, 2007 from 5-8 pm.

You are invited to join us for this unique event. The grad students are pleased to extend this invitation out to all Digital Arts professionals, and look forward to meeting with the forerunners of the Digital Arts Industry.

Come check us out!


Taking Advantage of Web 2.0

This is another one of those blogs for my web marketing class..

There are many different technologies that belong to Web 2.0, some of them being:

  • Rich Internet application techniques, optionally Ajax-based
  • Cascading Style Sheets to separate presentation from content
  • Semantically valid HTML markup and microformats
  • Syndication and aggregation of data in RSS or Atom feeds
  • Human readable URLs
  • folksonomies (in the form of tags or tagclouds, for example)
  • Wiki or forum software to support user generated content
  • use of Open source software, such as the LAMP solution stack
  • XACML over SOAP for access control between organisations and domains
  • Weblog publishing
  • mashups, merging content from different sources
  • REST or XML Webservice APIs

I’m taking advantage of some Web 2.0 technologies as we speak: I am blogging, my blog has valid HTML markup and semantic code, a RSS feed, and uses CSS for style. Oh, and I believe WordPress is somewhat considered open source blogging software. Sweet.