Typography Throwback

So I was just going through my harddrive and I found some typography work I did while I was doing my design degree at Emily Carr University. Thought I should share it. :)

The thing about school work is, you get to try new things. It may be things that you would not do again. It could be things you never thought about doing but turned out alright. Or, things that you thought you liked at the beginning, but the outcome did not turn out to be what you want in the end. There is no right or wrong, really. It’s learning. It’s process.

And, you don’t have clients to please.

Untitled -  Type Video
This video was done for my Creative Process class in my first year (circa 2008!). This is strictly for academic purposes only, absolutely no (music) copyright infringement intended. It’s not the best, since I don’t really have much experience with video and I was short on time. But school is about taking risks and experimenting with all sorts of media.

Green Eggs – Type Poster
A experimental type poster from one of my Typography classes based on Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. It was one of my favourite books as a child. Though, the main reason I chose Green Eggs and Ham was that there are only 50 different words in the entire book, and of the fifty, 49 have only one syllable. The one exception is “anywhere”. Pretty cool, huh?

Into Dust – Type Poster
An expressive type poster from another Typography class, the subject had to be a song, and I chose Mazzy Star’s Into Dust. The task was to present and interpret the lyrics of the song by combining the expressiveness and clarity using only 2 typefaces. The theme I wanted to express was the progression and uncertainty of psychedlic rock in the 1980′s. Along with the song, I intended to give the words depth and dimension, communicating the feeling of floating and fading into the unknown. Try moving further away from the screen and viewing. Hopefully, I was able to achieve that.



Happy Holidays!


Wishing you all a happy holidays and a happy 2014! Lots of exciting changes coming in the new year. :)


Who doesn’t love coffee?

Realized I haven’t posted on this blog since new years, just been so busy (but honestly, I’m just lazy to blog.. haha). Was going through my “archives” recently, and found a project I did for school in my 3rd year at Emily Carr University. Just a simple experimental infographic on coffee. Everyone who knows me, knows I love coffee, but it’s always nice to find a project I did years ago and still (kinda) love it.


I only did it this for presentations at school, so I didn’t bother “browser debugging”, so if you’re using a browser that’s not Firefox or Chrome/Safari, I can’t guarantee that it’ll work (ok fine, below is also a video of what it looks just in case) ;)


Happy Holidays!


Wishing you all a happy holidays and a happy 2013! Been so busy recently that I haven’t gotten a chance to update this blog or my site. Lots of new exciting stuff happening for 2013, so I’ll try to keep you all posted. :)


New Business Cards!

Finally got the some new cards printed. It’s printed with spot uv on a matte laminate cardstock, so the uv parts shine at different angles in the light. Kept the design simple and minimalistic, just like how Iike my stuff. What do you guys think? :)


We Are YVR – My Grad Project

So guess what? I’m finally graduated!

What have I been busy with all semester? My grad project of course. :)
Check it out at wearyvr.ca, it’s still in beta mode but feel free to add yourself!


Last Semester’s Grad Project: Bye Bye Bling

Yes, it’s an iPhone App! Here’s a quick preview of a couple screens for now. :)

Shopping done in excess is a serious issue and a growing problem everywhere. People addicted to compulsive shopping need to be aware that they do in fact have a problem and should get help. I believe that a solution can be aimed towards stopping shopaholics at the point of purchase— before they make an impulse purchase —because this exercises their self-control and will help correct their compulsive shopping habits. (thesis)

This app will be available in the iTunes App store this Summer, so stay tuned!
More details coming soon…



So like the many thousands of websites out there, joystudio joined the #SOPASTRIKE too! What does that mean? Well, my website went on blackout with everyone else participating for the 12 hours (8am EST to 8pm EST)–Wikipedia and a bunch of other sites are doing it for the full 24hours, but my handy little plugin only lasts for the 12 hours. I do however have the cute little badge on the upper right corner of my site to show my support. :)

So how did #blackoutSOPA feel like? Scary! Imagine SOPA and PIPA passes and your website gets shut down just like that. Although it is an american legislation, us canadians should still get our voices heard! The internet affects everyone.

Help save the internet! Fight against SOPA and PIPA


Happy 2012!

Hi guys! Hope you’ve all enjoyed your holidays. Been a crazy 2011, lots of projects for both work and school. But compared to the previous years, I’ve really focussed alot of time into my final year of design school. (Afterall it is the last year and better make the best out of it)  If you’ve been following me on twitter, you might’ve already noticed all the late night tweets (or I guess early morning, for some), but yay for #604insomnia!

Anyway, I will (eventually) put up some of the work I’ve done last semester, but it’s just been a busy start to the new year, and thanks to the flu/cold bug going around, I was forced to slow down and take it easy. Been sick since new years and it appears that I’m still sick. Being sick is definitely not my ideal kind of start this year but as somewhat of an optimist, not going to let some stupid bug bring me down. Lots of new projects ahead this year, really excited!

Oh, and below is just a little sneak peek of one of my projects I did for type class. Will update my portfolio section soon, promise. :)

Happy Friday!


The new design for my site is finally up!

After almost 4 years of launching the original joystudio website, a new design was due. I know, took me long enough right? So here it is, Version 2.0 (beta)! It’s only a soft launch though–still need a bit more fine-tuning, testing and browser debugging..etc etc. Thoughts? Let me know what you think of the new design! :)

ps. view in ie6 at your own risk, if your computer explodes don’t say I didn’t warn you!